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The Magic Circle Title Track Snippet - Kathy Possum & Ritchie Neville
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The school is moving away from fundraising and looking at community development projects as a result of the impact the show had on the school community.
Tuart Hill Primary School P&C Committee
I will remember this night for the rest of my life!!!
Student, Tuart Hill Primary School 
OMG! I'm only onto scene ! of the DVD & tears are streaming. You have given these kids such a great oppotunity that's going to stay with them forever. Thank you.
Zoe (parent) Tuart Hill Primary School 

Arley's Magic Circle

A story of hope, courage, understanding and mateship.

A unique program where the students are the performers!

An incredibly powerful & moving program that touches hearts and inspires unity.




The Magic Circle is about a migrant kid called Arley who is struggling to navigate her way through Australian culture.

When Arley has a dream she imagines herself in the Magic Circle, a place in the Australian Bush where she meets a cast of colorful characters.  Guided by new found mates and their hilarious anecdotes, Arley begins to make sense of her new life by harnessing her inner strength, finding hope & courage, and learning to cope with change. 


The Magic Circle explores Australia's culture, rich migrant history and reveals universal similarities between people, regardless of outward appearances. 


The Magic Circle is packed full of humour, frivolity, emotional moments, award-winning songs and life lessons that will generate discussion and be remembered long after the curtain falls. 


Approximately 60 minutes


Years K-8

This show requires a number of students and a small group of teachers/parents to form the cast and crew of the production. The program involves all facets of theatre production enabling children of all year levels to be involved. Auditions will be conducted to select the cast and those selected are expected to attend all scheduled readings, rehearsals and performances.

CURRICULUM MAPPING: The Australian Curriculum 


Sample Program Guide
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