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Early Learning Services

Early Learning Services


Educational Entertainment LLC provides early learning services in USA and Australia (trading as Possum Music)

Our main clients for early education shows are:

  • Childcare centres

  • Family Day Care providers

  • Festivals & agricultural shows

  • Private and corporate events

To ensure our shows remain accessible and affordable WE COME TO YOU! Our performers will set up at your facility - indoors or outdoors (weather permitting). All you need is a space big enough for us to fit (minimum 10ft wide by 8ft deep by 7ft tall) and access to power.

We go above and beyond - quite literally! We will go anywhere (within reason) by negotiation. For example, we have had sherpas cart our gear and generators on their backs and heads up a mountainside for a truly environmental show at Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival! If you have a special request - just ask us. 



Above all, providing a safe environment for children to enjoy the show is our top priority. The founder of Educational Entertainment LLC is an ex Australian Federal Police Officer specializing in Crime Prevention and Child Safety Education.


All our performers and support staff have undergone strict police checks 

and hold a current 'SLED/ Working With Children'  certificate in their country/state/territory. Child safety is always first!

We only use professional equipment, manufactured to industry safety standards. We take great care during the setting up and packing down process to ensure children remain safe before, during and after the performance, however please be aware - children remain the sole responsibility of childcare centre staff at all times. 



While our shows vary in subject matter, there are several factors they all have in common. Our shows are:

EDUCATIONAL. Every thought, word, song and action is there for a reason - to teach something! Refer to 'Programs' for a detailed description of individual shows, their content and curriculum mapping.​​


HIGHLY INTERACTIVE. Children don't just watch our shows, they are active participants from start to finish​

ENGAGING FOR EVERYONE. Everybody will be asked to think, respond, sing, act and more. From time to time individuals may be asked to 'help' in some way, however core activities are designed for the entire group. Please note that 'everyone' means everyone. Even grown-ups may be asked to 'help' or respond...

Full of AWARD WINNING MUSIC! The songs are what started it all. They feature in ALL of our programs.




  • Broadcast quality mastered music tracks​

  • Professional sound equipment including PA and microphone headsets

  • Professional ventriloquist style puppets

  • Quality props and unique backdrops 

  • Professional performers trained in the Arts​



Our shows are aligned with the early childhood curricula applicable to each distinct market.

In Australia, we align with the Australian Department of Education's Belonging, Being and Becoming - Early Years Learning Framework  to assist "all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life" (EYLF).

In South Carolina, we align with Good Start Grow Smart South Carolina Early Learning Standards for 3, 4, & 5 Year Old Children and the South Carolina Department of Education's Standards & Learning.


Most of our early childhood performances are between 50 and 60 minutes in duration depending on the age and attention span of the children. If you have never seen one of our shows you may be thinking 'our kids won't last that long'. 

Our experience is that children's attention span varies from group to group, day to day and even hour to hour. Our performers make adjustments on the fly to ensure children remain engaged for the duration of the performance. But don't be surprised if they are asking for more an hour after we started - we won't!


We are always developing new resources to extend children's learning both before and after the show. For more details please refer to individual 'Program' pages.

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