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Magic Circle

The Magic Circle Title Track Snippet - Kathy Possum & Ritchie Neville
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The Magic Circle is a fictitious place in the Australian bush. The story enters around an emu family - Father Emu who is vigilantly sitting on the eggs waiting for his babies to hatch, and his young daughter Annie Emu, who has a dream to fly.

Enter the Dream Stealer. Feral Fox, an introduced species to the bush, has entered the Magic Circle and is creating havoc. He is taunting Annie about her seemingly impossible dream and waiting for his chance to steal Father Emu's eggs!

Children become intensely invested in this show as they help protect the family unit and encourage Annie to follow her dreams against all odds. A fantastic show about families and friends sticking together and believing in each other.


Approximately 60 minutes


0-8 years

This is a scripted show containing large life-sized emu puppets, a section with hectic movement and loud sound. 

CURRICULUM MAPPING: This show has not been mapped.


The Magic Circle Program Poster
Show photo of child with Annie Emu - by Axtell Expressions Inc

Show photo of child with Annie Emu

Emu Puppet - "Father Emu" - by Axtell Expressions Inc

Father Emu puppet

by Axtell Expressions Inc

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