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Something Very Fishy

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A STEAM program for elementary schools

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Something Very Fishy is an interactive STEAM program uniquely combing performing arts and marine science education. Developed specifically for elementary schools by Educational Entertainment LLC in partnership with Clemson University's Biological Sciences Department, students engage in a 2-hour program which includes a musical theater production and 10-station STEAM exhibition (exhibition details below).

VENUE: Pickens County Performing Arts Center

               314 W. Main Street

               Liberty, SC

DATES:  Schools performances begin Tuesday February 18, 2020

               Public Performance Saturday February 28, 2020

TIMES:   10am - 12 noon

               Theatre commences 10am sharp

               Exhibition from 11-12

COST:   $15 all inclusive (show, exhibition and taxes)

FOR:      Oconee, Pickens, Anderson and Greenville schools districts

              Other districts welcome by arrangement

              Open to the public on Sat 28 only


The objectives of the program are to introduce elementary students to contemporary science content, support students’ application of science practices, facilitate interaction with young researchers (scientists),  and inspire children (including girls and minority/underrepresented groups) to consider a variety careers STEAM.


Broadway-style musical production: "Something Very Fishy"

10-station interactive Marine Science & Performing Arts Exhibition

Educational resources including assessment activities


Once upon not-long-ago in Little-Fishing-Town

Fisher-folk fished for fish from sunup to sundown

The sea was full of sea-life there was plenty to be caught

It would be that way forever

That’s what everybody thought...

Little-Fishing-Town is an idyllic (fictional) village on the coast of Florida. Serenity is disrupted as a local fisherman and marine biologist become increasingly at odds when their lifestyles and values collide. It becomes apparent that Something Very Fishy is going on as a young fur seal is repeatedly admitted to the local Marine Park Hospital. When a hurricane threatens to destroy the fisherman's livelihood and the scientist's research, the two must set their differences aside and find common ground if they are to save everything they hold dear…

Something Very Fishy highlights how what we do above the surface impacts life below and ways we can help sustain and restore our global marine environment.


Developed specifically for Kindergarten to Year 5 (elementary school)


Something Very Fishy is aligned with South Carolina Academic Standards and Performance Indicators for Science and the Performing Arts, for Kindergarten through Year 5.


Organisms/Animals and their Environment

Weather and Climate

Science Practices

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Science Technology Virtual Dive - Post-It
Scub Diver

Science Technology

Virtual Dive 

Using modern technology students choose which reef in the world they want to explore and which way to swim when they get there! Follow a turtle, watch a shark and discover the creatures that inhabit the chosen locale! 


This exhibit includes a display of the equipment and gear used by marine scientists while conducting work underwater, including a SCUBA tank, regulator and buoyancy compensator, hand held mapping GPS units and other devices used to make measurements or capture animals.  

Live Marine Animals Post-It
Sea-Snail at the Something Very Fishy Program

Live Marine Animals

Touch Tank Displays

Our most popular exhibit among all ages is undoubtedly the interactive touch tank display where a series of tanks house approximately 150 marine invertebrates (on rotation) from the northern Gulf of Mexico.


With the help of real scientists, students observe basic invertebrate anatomy, identify species, and for those brave enough...touch select creatures! 

Dr Childress and Clemson Docents manning the live invertebrate tank station at Something Very Fishy
Scene from Something Very Fishy
Clemson Docent presenting the Turtle Egg Laying station to students at Something Very Fishy
Live Marine Animal Touch Tank Display
Coral Transplanting Post-it

Contemporary Research

Coral Transplanting Activity

Biologists explain the concepts of climate change and pollution, and their impact the world's oceans. Students learn how to identify the health of corals and the techniques scientists have pioneered to help restore reef systems.

After the presentation, students try their hand at transplanting replica corals onto our wall to wall reef.

Matching Coral Sample to Coral Health Map
Clemson DOcents presenting the Coral Transplanting station at Something Very Fishy


Audio & Tech Tour

Students experience how engineers control the show through audio, video and lighting technology. This highly informative presentation quite literally pulled out all the stops! 

With so many young people engrossed with technology, it's no wonder this exhibit was a massive hit.

Behind the Scenes Tour - Post-It note

Theatre Arts

Behind the Scenes Tour

Step onto our set and experience what it's like to be on a big stage under the spotlight.


Students get a close up view of our amazing 12ft high replica reefs and learn how they were created.


Discover what happens behind the curtain as actors explain scripts, choreographer, set changes, costuming and more.

Behind the Scenes Actors Presenting
Behind the Scenes Actor Presentation
Puppetry lesson at Something Very Fishy
Puppetry 101 Post-It note

Theatre Arts

Puppetry 101

It's not every day you come face to face with professional puppets. Our latex and custom characters are a hit with students.

Puppeteers instruct students in the art of puppet manipulation and demonstrate the unique features of each character.

Something Very Fishy Actors
Meet the real scientists behind the Program... Inspiring future scientists!
Coral Crusader: Kylie Smith

Coral Crusader: Kylie Smith

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