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Diggin' History Title Track Snippet - Kathy Possum
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Charlie the Dog - by Luna's Puppets

Charlie the Dog!

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Rocky Rooster 

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PLOT: Diggin' History is a location specific historical timeline. 'Grandad' lives on a farm in rural Australia and over the years his dog 'Charlie' has dug up historical artifacts including dinsosaur bones, Aboriginal artefacts, convict irons and gold.  As children learn about historically significant events in Australia, they also come to recognize they themselves are history in the making.

DURATION: 60 minutes




There are 2 versions of this show:

The Schools Version; and

Early Learning Version

The Schools Version is a fully scripted show suitable for years K-6. Children learn specific details about Prehistoric Australia, First Australians, Early Explorers, the First Fleet & Convicts and the Gold Rush including Eureka Stockade.

The Early Learning Version is a semi-scripted show suitable for children ages 0-5. It introduces children to the concept of history and includes songs about dinosaurs, explorers, convicts, panning for gold and more.

To compare the difference in depth of content between the 2 programs listen to the following 2 versions of the 'same song'.

This Stinkin' Boat - Early Learning - Kathy Possum
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Curriculum Mapping - NSW and ACT
Click on the PDF below to see Curricular Mapping.

Links to the Australian and New South Wales Curriculum Year 2 – Year 6

Please note this list is not extensive and many other links can be made between the show and the curriculum.

These Stinkin' Convicts - Primary/Elementary - Kathy Possum
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