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Ornithorincus Anatina Snippet - Kathy Possum
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CD Album Cover for Exploring Australia
Ridge E. Didge puppet - by Axtell Expressions Inc

Ridge E. Didge puppet

by Axtell Expressions Inc

Kangaroo Puppet - "Hoo Roo" - by Axtell Expressions Inc

Hoo Roo puppet

by Axtell Expressions Inc

Crocodile Puppet - "Gorgeous George" - by Axtell Expressions Inc

Gorgeous George puppet

by Axtell Expressions Inc

Exploring Australia




The original Kathy Possum show! Exploring Australia was written specifically for little Aussie early learners. Jam packed with Australian lingo, wildlife and even a fair dinkum lagerphone, kids love Exploring Australia as they solve clues in search of a mystery creature.

Along the way they meet Hoo Roo the Kangaroo, Gorgeous George the Crocodile and Ridge E. Didge the mystery creature.

Exploring Australia may be modified for a festive Christmas show with the message it is better to give than recieve. Laden with a sack full of gifts, the presenter has one gift labelled 'Ornithorincus Anatina'. Children adore this Christmas show as they anxiously await to see the symbolic gifts received by the animals and learn the true identity of this iconic species.


Approximately 60 minutes


0-5 years (may be modified for up to 8 years of age)

This show is perfect for childcare facilities and preschools however it has also been enjoyed by children in Kindergarten to Year 2!


This show has not been mapped.



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